St Andrews HCI Research Group

Seminars 2015

This is an open and friendly forum for sharing ideas. We welcome anyone in Computer Science, St Andrews or SICSA to attend. Some seminars are reflecting on areas we are already exploring but some will be from people external to SACHI to help ferment new ideas, new avenues of research, or simply to help us reflect on our own research here.
Please note, if you are presenting or attending for the first time these are brown bag seminars and are typically held on Tuesdays from 2pm – 3pm (unless otherwise noted) in the Jack Cole building in 1.33a (see directions here). Our seminar coordinator is Mr Daniel Rough (who maintains these pages and seminar announcements), if you have any questions please contact him.

Date Speaker Title
March 10 Nick Taylor,
University of Dundee (DJCAD )
Sustaining Civic Engagement in Communities
April 13 Nicolai Marquardt, University College London Towards Ad-hoc Collaboration Spaces with Cross-Device Interaction Techniques
April 14 Offsite Seminar Day
Various speakers
Practice talks for papers at CHI 2015, the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems pre-CHI day a SICSA MMI event hosted in Heriot Watt University
April 28 Mel Woods,
University of Dundee (DJCAD )
Future Cities: Co-creating Future City Design Fictions in the Wild
May 19 Tom Rodden,
University of Nottingham
On lions, impala, and bigraphs: modelling interactions in Ubiquitous Computing
June 2 John Stasko,
Georgia Tech, USA
(Remote Seminar) New Approaches for Information Visualization: Rethinking Existing Notions
June 16 Gavin Doherty,
Trinity College Dublin
Technologies for mental health: designing for engagement
June 26 Andruid Kerne,
Texas A&M, USA
The Future of Human Expression: Ideation − Play − Body-based Interaction
August 28, 2015 Anselm Spoerri,
Rutgers University
Visualization of Most Controversial Topics in Wikipedia
Week 1 of Semester Aaron Quigley,
Miguel Nacenta,
Uta Hinrichs,
Tristan Henderson,
Mark-Jan Nederhof
Introduction to HCI related research and teaching in St AndrewsPlease note, this lecture will be timed so that students from CS5040 and CS3106 and others can attend to get an overview of the HCI related research here in St Andrews. The precise time will be advised later.
Sept 29 Pam Briggs,
Northumbria University
Trust and Engagement
Oct 13 Alan Mislove, Northeastern University  Measuring personalization of online services
Oct 20/27 TBA  This talk from industry will cover some topics related to HCI
Nov 10 TBA
Nov 24 TBA
Dec 15 Rachel Menzies, University of Dundee  Communication Technologies

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