St Andrews HCI Research Group


Feb 2014

Hans Gellersen, Ubicomp, Touch and Gaze

<!–Speaker: Hans Gellersen, Lancaster University
Date/Time: 2-3pm Feb 11, 2014
Location: Maths Lecture Theatre B, University of St Andrews–>
Touch input and two-handed interaction were intensively studied in the mid 80’s but it’s taken 20 years for these ideas to emerge in the mainstream, with the advent of multi-touch interfaces. Gaze has been studied for almost as long as interaction modality and appears on the brink of wider use. This talk will present recent work that reconsiders touch and gaze to address challenges in ubiquitous computing: interaction across personal devices and large displays, and spontaneous interaction with displays using our eyes only.
Hans Gellersen is a Professor of Interactive Systems in the School of Computing & Communications at Lancaster University. His research interests are in ubiquitous computing and systems and technologies for human-computer interaction. He has contributed on topics including location, context and activity sensing, device association and cross-device interaction, and interfaces that blend physical and digital interaction. In his recent work, he is particularly interested in eye movement analysis: as a source of contextual information on human activity, interest and well-being; and as a resource for interaction beyond the lab. Hans is closely involved with the UbiComp conference series which we founded in 1999, and served on the Editorial Boards of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, and IEEE Pervasive Computing. He holds a PhD from Karlsruhe University.
This seminar is part of our ongoing series from researchers in HCI. See here for our current schedule.