St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jan 2014

Participant Database

There are many experiments in Computer Science, from eye tracking to mobile security or gestural interaction to navigation in virtual worlds. Such experiments are particularly common in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and we are continually looking for people willing and interested in participating in our studies.

To make it easier for us to reach and contact interested people, and for you to stay informed about our exciting experiments, we are launching our new participant database. If you are interested in participating in our studies, get a chance to interact with the newest toys and technical equipment and would like to stay informed about the ongoing experiments in Computer Science you can sign up using our registration form.

We will try to contact you only for relevant experiments. We aim to restrict the messages you receive based on the data you provide. Should you decide that you don’t want be in our database any more, you can be removed anytime, no questions asked. If you like the idea of staying up to date on our ongoing user studies and know others that might find this useful, please share this announcement with them.

Researchers from the School of Computer Science that are interested in contributing to our database or using the database to promote your experiments should contact Michael Mauderer or look into the CS Wiki.