St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jun 2011

Iain Parris, Privacy Concerns in a Mobile Advertising System

<!–Speaker: Iain Parris, University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 1-2pm June 7th, 2011
Location: 1.33a Jack Cole, University of St Andrews (directions)–>
Opportunistic networks have been the study of much research – in
particular on making end-to-end routing efficient. Users’ privacy
concerns, however, have not been the subject of much research. The talk
will describe a user study, investigating how users’ privacy concerns
impact their willingness to participate in an opportunistic network.
Because deploying a very large-scale opportunistic network is infeasible
for a research study, participants will interact with a simulated
opportunistic application – but will be unaware that the application is
simulated. In the context of this simulated application, a decentralised
mobile advertising system, different participants will be introduced to
a range of privacy threats. We will then measure the participants’
willingness to use the application in the presence of different privacy
About Iain:
Iain is a third-year PhD student in the School of Computer Science,
University of St Andrews. His research focuses on privacy-enhancing
technologies for opportunistic networks. He holds an MA in Computer
Science from the University of Cambridge, and an MSc in Computer Science
from the University of Edinburgh.