St Andrews HCI Research Group


Feb 2017

Dr Alice Toniolo, University of St Andrews: An argumentation-based approach to facilitate and improve human reasoning.

Title:  An argumentation-based approach to facilitate and improve human reasoning.
Abstract:  The ability of understanding and reasoning about different alternatives for a decision is fundamental for making informed choices. Intelligent autonomous systems have the potential to improve the quality of human-decision making but the use of such systems may be hampered by human difficulties to interact and trust their outputs.

This talk will focus on the potential of argumentation-based models of reasoning to support users in making sense of incomplete and inconsistent information.   I will present a tool called CISpaces (Collaborative Intelligence Spaces) that combines a graphical representation of arguments and autonomous reasoning to facilitate collaboration in the context of intelligence analysis. I will present initial results from a few follow-up studies showing that argumentation may help bridge the gap between human and autonomous reasoning.
Biography:  Dr Alice Toniolo has joined the School of Computer Science as a lecturer in October 2016. Previously Alice was a Research Fellow in the Agent, Reasoning and Knowledge group in the Computing Science Department at the University of Aberdeen, where she was also awarded her PhD. Her research interests are within multi-agent systems to support human reasoning and decision-making. In particular, she is interested in computational argumentation-based models of reasoning with recent applications in intelligence analysis, social media and the built environment. Alice has also worked with researchers within Philosophy to investigate rich forms of deliberation dialogue.