St Andrews HCI Research Group


Dec 2023

Seminar: Designing for Care in Online Communities

Designing for Care in Online Communities


Join us for an insightful seminar by our recent PhD graduate discussing the intricacies of co-designing for online communities. Abd will present a novel framework stemming out of his PhD project, the Ethnographically-informed Distributed Participatory Design (EDPD) Framework for Sociotechnical Change. This framework offers a holistic approach to co-design, emphasising the importance of understanding online communities’ social dynamics and technological infrastructures. 


Abd is an HCI and Software Engineering Lecturer with a passion for addressing pressing societal issues through sociotechnical systems design. Under the supervision of Alex Voss, Uta Hinrichs, Ian Gent, and Angela Miguel, Abd took on a challenging yet fulfilling journey to explore the complexities of designing for online communities. Currently, he continues to delve into the intersection of technology and society, focusing on digital poverty and open knowledge gaps. Abd’s research aims to bridge the gap between technology and society, enabling a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape. He is particularly interested in bringing researchers closer to communities, fostering collaboration and co-design efforts that empower individuals and promote meaningful social change. 

Event details:

Date: Wednesday, 06/12/2023 

Time: 2:30 PM 

Location: Room 1.19