St Andrews HCI Research Group


Nov 2011

Miguel Nacenta, Perspective and Spatial Relationships for Interface Design

Miguel Nacenta showing Radar

<!–Speaker: Miguel Nacenta, SACHI University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 1-2pm November 22th, 2011
Location: 1.33a Jack Cole, University of St Andrews (directions)–>
Our daily activities are continuously mediated by the space that we occupy; we face people to talk to them, sit in circular arrangements for group discussions, and write documents facing monitors. However, current interfaces generally make strong assumptions about where we are (e.g., monitors assume we are perpendicular and in front) or outright ignore important aspects of our spatial environments (e.g., several people editing a document). In my research I deal with the perceptual, cognitive and social aspects of space relationships that will shape the design of next generation interfaces. In this talk I will discuss projects that address questions such as: what happens when you look at a display from the “wrong” place? What forms of input are most efficient to interact with displays from different locations? How does having a private display affect our awareness of the work of others?