St Andrews HCI Research Group


Welcome Chris Norval

This week sees a new member of the group join SACHI.  Chris Norval is a postdoctoral researcher working with Tristan Henderson on a project to predict when social media users consent to having their data used for health research.

Deep View in the News

We are happy to report that there has been a wide dissemination of the results of the Deepview Project through a variety of press outlets.
BBC click features excerpts from an interview with one of our researchers about Gazer.
Furthermore a number of press articles have been written and circulated. The following shows a selection of articles and the venues that publicised each article.

  • “Soon we’ll be able to watch 3D images without the big specs, thanks to St Andrews researchers”.
  • “Diseñan una pantalla que reacciona a la mirada del espectador”.

David Harris-Birtill speaks at Pitch@Palace event in Glasgow

On the 9th February 2016 Dr David Harris-Birtill gave a talk on the automated remote pulse oximeter system work that is in development in SACHI, and which his start-up company Beyond Medics Limited is working to commercialise. This was a great day in which 20 companies gave short 3 minute pitches describing their businesses. At the event, David also met Prince Andrew, and had the opportunity to discuss this exciting work with other companies and funding groups, including Scottish Enterprise.

SICSA DEMOfest 2015

On Thursday a large proportion of the SACHI lab and many in the School of Computer Science department headed South to Edinburgh’s SICSA Demofest.  The Demofest is a yearly meeting of the Scottish Computer Science community in which students and academics showcase the latest research to a varied audience of industry and academics.



Dr David Harris-Birtill presents his research to 1,000s in India

Dr David Harris-Birtill gave a talk at the 6th Edition of the International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with IT, held on 16th – 17th October 2015 at the Lalit Ashok in Bangalore, India. David’s research presentation was titled “Remote Sensing of Heart Rate and Blood Oxygenation Level Using Gaming Camera-based Technology”, and was presented to 800 delegates who attended the session in person, as well as the 8,216 who virtually attended the meeting, streaming his talk in 32 countries.
After the session, David was presented with a commemorative plaque for his research, as shown in the photo above.

Games Night


Friday night was games night at SACHI, this week featuring a couple of scary games for Halloween!  The night began with pizza followed by three rounds of social deduction game One Night Ultimate Warewolf.  The main event was the Cthulhu themed Elder Sign from the designers of Arkham Horror.

Fortunately the team was able to stave off the imminent return of the Ancient Ones to enjoy the delicious range of cakes and other treats provided by or own Fearn Bishop.  Thanks Fearn!

Welcome Hui-Shyong Yeo

Hui-Shyong Yeo

Photo by Hui-Shyong Yeo

This week we have added a new member to the group. Hui-Shyong Yeo is a 1st year PhD student in the SACHI research group, supervised by Prof. Aaron Quigley. Hui-Shyong is particularly interested in exploring and developing novel interaction techniques that transcend the barrier between human and computers, especially on topics such as gestural/mid-air interaction, mobile/wearable interaction, Augmented/Virtual reality and text entry.

Before he came here, he was a researcher at UVR lab, KAIST. He worked on several projects such as on-body clothing design system using projection mapping and Mixed Reality remote collaboration system.