St Andrews HCI Research Group


Aug 2015

SACHI team race to victory at go-karting night

This week, the University of St Andrews SACHI team, from its School of Computer Science, had a fantastic evening of go-karting at ScotKart in Dundee on Tuesday, followed by a celebratory dinner at the Duke pub to refuel on awesome burgers.
The SACHI team trophy was appropriately 3D printed by hand by Miguel Nacenta, and is set to become a team heirloom for events to come. On the track, the team demonstrated that their skills in human-machine interaction are just as good as their expertise in human-computer interaction!
SACHI_karting SACHI_karting_winners burger_from_dukes
The top three positions in the night’s go-karting went to Steve Mann, David Harris-Birtill and Johannes Lang. The rest of the team provided fierce competition along the way, and a great evening was had by all.