St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jul 2015

Microsoft Surface Hub award

Microsoft Surface Hub (image courtesy of Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface Hub (image courtesy of Microsoft)

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Research and Microsoft have selected our Academic Research Request Proposal for the “Intelligent Canvas for Data Analysis and Exploration” as one of ten to award.
Our Microsoft Surface Hub Proposal was led by Aaron Quigley, Uta Hinrichs, Miguel Nacenta and our external faculty members Jonathan Hughes and John Stasko.
The Microsoft Surface Hub is a canvas for the imagination across age groups, audiences, and disciplines and across time and space. Based on our cutting edge research questions, our project encompasses a set of interrelated activities already underway here in the University of St Andrews and new activities.
We will be announcing more about these new activities in the coming months once the Surface Hub arrives. We look forward to demonstrating our approach to expanding the potential applications of the Surface Hub.
Please contact any of the faculty members in SACHI if you are interested in discussing possible applications or collaborations.