St Andrews HCI Research Group


Apr 2014

SACHI at CHI 2014: What to see

Members of SACHI are presenting a number of papers and other works at this year’s CHI in Toronto, Canada. The schedule below will allow you to see a sample of the Human-Computer Interaction research at University of St Andrews.
Paper (Honourable Mention): Depth Perception with Gaze-contingent Depth of Field
Session: The Third Dimension
When: Monday 11:40-12:00
Where: 718AB
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Interactivity: Text Blaster: A Multi-Player Touchscreen Typing Game
When: Monday 17:30-19:30
Where: Exhibit Hall E
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Paper (Best Paper): RetroDepth: 3D Silhouette Sensing for High-Precision Input On and Above Physical Surfaces
Session: On and Above the Surface
When: Tuesday 11:00-11:20
Where: Exhibit Hall G
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AltCHI Paper: None of a CHInd: Relationship Counselling for HCI and Speech Technology
Session: Limits and Futures
When: Tuesday 11:20-11:40
Where: 717AB
Teaset Video
Paper: Modeling the Perception of User Performance
Session: User Models and Prediction
When: Tusday 14:00-14:20
Where: 801A
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TOCHI Paper: Complementing Text Entry Evaluations with a Composition Task
Session: Text Entry and Evaluation
When: Wednesday 9:40-10:00
Where: Exhibit Hall G
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Paper: Uncertain Text Entry on Mobile Devices
Session: Text Entry and Evaluation
When: Wednesday 10:00-10:20
Where: Exhibit Hall G
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SIG: The Usability of Text Entry Systems Now and in the Future
When: Wednesday 11:00-12:20
Where: 715A
Paper: Quantitative Measurement of Virtual vs. Physical Object Embodiment through Kinesthetic Figural After Effects
Session: Multitouch Interaction
When: Wednesday 14:40-15:00
Where: 718AB
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Aaron Quigley was an associate chair for the Interaction Using Specific Capabilities or Modalities sub-committee and  Per Ola Kristensson was an associate chair for the Interaction Techniques and Devices sub-committee. While Aaron Quigley was a session chair, Jakub Dostal and Michael Mauderer were Student Volunteers throughout the conference.
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