St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jun 2012

Pervasive 2012

This week Aaron Quigley and Tristan Henderson attended Pervasive 2012, the Tenth International Conference on Pervasive Computing, at Newcastle University.
On Monday Aaron attended Pervasive Intelligibility the Second Workshop on Intelligibility and Control in Pervasive Computing. Here he presented a paper entitled Designing Mobile Computer Vision Applications for the Wild: Implications on Design and Intelligibility (PDF) by
Per Ola Kristensson, Jakub Dostal and Aaron Quigley. Later, he was a panelists with Judy Kay and Simone Stumpf where they discussed the research challenges of intelligibility with pervasive computing along with all participants.
On Tuesday Tristan attended the First Workshop on recent advances in behavior prediction and pro-active pervasive computing where he presented the paper Predicting location-sharing privacy preferences in social network applications by Greg Bigwood, Fehmi Ben Abdesslem and Tristan Henderson.
On Tuesday Aaron chaired the Doctoral Consortium with Elaine Huang from the University of Zurich with five panellists and nine students. The panellists were Adrian Friday, University of Lancaster, UK, Jin Nakazawa, Keio University, Japan and AJ Brush, Microsoft Research Seattle, USA.
The Pervasive 2012 doctoral consortium provided a collegial and supportive forum in which PhD students could present and defend their doctoral research-in-progress with constructive feedback and discussion. The consortium was guided by a panel of experienced researchers and practitioners with both academic and industrial experience. It offered students a valuable opportunity to receive high-quality feedback and fresh perspectives from recognised international experts in the field, and to engage with other senior doctoral students.
The day ended with a career Q&A session with an extended panel including Tristan Henderson from SACHI and Rene Mayhofer. Following this the panellists and students were able to have dinner together to continue active research and career discussions.
Along with work as a member of the joint steering committee of pervasive and UbiComp Aaron was a session chair for the HCI session on Thursday.