St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jun 2012

Two papers presented at the Pervasive Displays symposium, in Porto.

Last week (4-5 June, 2012) two papers from SACHI were presented at the Pervasive Displays international Symposium. The symposium took place in Porto, Portugal, and it was a great showcase of work on pervasive display systems from research groups in Europe, Japan and North America.
We presented two papers:
Factors Influencing Visual Attention Switch in Multi-Display User Interfaces: A Survey, which is part of the dissertation work of Umar Rashid, and
The LunchTable: A Multi-User, Multi-Display System for Information Sharing in Casual Group Interactions, which is part of collaborations with the ilab, at the University of Calgary.
Both papers were well-received and will be soon available through the ACM Digital Library, but the most interesting part was to share the energy of the pervasive displays community and the amazing discussions. We are hoping for a new edition next year, which will be in California.