St Andrews HCI Research Group


May 2012

Marie Curie grant awarded to Miguel for DeepView

Everyone in SACHI would like to congratulate Miguel was being awarded a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant on Gaze-Based Perceptual Augmentation called DeepView. Miguel will be recruiting a PhD student on this project, so please contact him if you are interested in a position on this.
The analysis and visualisation of increasing amounts of data is pervasive and indispensable in many of the crucial activities for a countless number of professions. Moreover, the amount and types of data that is available for visual inspection and analysis keeps growing. The DeepView project proposes the use of gaze-tracking technology (i.e., hardware and software that can judge where the user is looking at within a screen) to extend the basic perceptual abilities of the user. The project will iterate on prototypes and empirical evaluations to explore the space of gaze-contingent manipulations that can improve perceptual performance in common tasks such as colour differentiation, visual search, and maxima finding. The project will also seek to apply the results of the initial phases to applied scenarios in other disciplines other than Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualisation.
We all wish Miguel as this project starts later this year. If you are interested in this research please contact him directly or keep an eye on this page for future blog posts.