St Andrews HCI Research Group


May 2012

Miguel Nacenta's work on FatFonts features in the New Scientist

FatFonts example

The current issue of the New Scientist features an article called “Font for digits lets numbers punch their weight” on Miguel’s work on FatFonts which says, “The symbols we use to represent numbers are, mathematically speaking, arbitrary. Now there is a way to write numbers so that their areas equal their numerical values. The font, called FatFonts, could transform the art of data visualisation, allowing a single infographic to convey both a visual overview and exact values.
‘Scientific figures might benefit from this hybrid nature because scientists want both to see and to read data,’ says Miguel Nacenta, a computer scientist at the University of St Andrews, UK, who developed the concept with colleagues at the University of Calgary, Canada.”
Congratulations to Miguel and his colleagues on having their work highlighted in this venue.