St Andrews HCI Research Group


May 2012

Uta Hinrichs joining SACHI in August

We are pleased to announce and welcome Uta Hinrichs who will be joining us in SACHI in the School of Computer Science in the University of St Andrews from August of this year as a research fellow. Originally from L├╝beck in Germany, Uta is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary in Canada. She is working at the Innovis Group under supervision of Sheelagh Carpendale. Her research interests include interaction with large displays in public spaces, information visualization, graphic design, and art.
She will be working with Professor Quigley on a number of projects including our JISC project (Trading Consequences) and SFC Smart Tourism project (SMART), and with Dr Nacenta on the LADDIE project. In addition to many other fun and new projects in time!
We are looking forward to Uta coming and we wish her well on her final months as a graduate student.