St Andrews HCI Research Group


May 2014

SACHI Logo Contest

SACHI-best-studentEarlier this year we held the SACHI Logo Contest. To decide on the outcome we formed a jury of 10 people, consisting of 5 academic and 5 student members of SACHI. We are pleased to announce that the best student design for our logo contest was submitted by Jason T. Jacques, which you can see to the left. Both the academic and students members of the jury selected Jason’s logo as the best student design.
The logo submitted by Uta Hinrichs, while not eligible for the student prize, was the top ranked entry and has been chosen as the logo to represent SACHI going forward. Congratulations to both Jason and Uta! You can see Uta’s logo options below which we will be adding to our website (once redesigned in the months ahead). We also apologise to both Uta and Jason for reducing their submissions into these blog worthy thumbnails which do neither justice.