St Andrews HCI Research Group


Mar 2014

The digital tourist: HCI and new forms of interaction

Later this month, Aaron Quigley has been invited to present at two conferences on digital tourism. The first is the signature conference of the Scottish Tourism Week in Edinburgh on the 12th of Mar 2014. And the second is a conference on Meeting the needs of the modern visitor, hosted by Interface – The knowledge connection on the 25th of Mar 2014 (see newspaper item).
Each talk will address the question of how to support the interaction between a visitor before, during and after their tourist experience. Some aspects are simply pointers to what we currently have with services and application in desktop or mobile computing. Some parts touch on what is possible with data science and data analytics. An finally, what the future might hold with new forms of human computer interaction which take us away from eyes down mobile interaction with “apps” and instead refocuses us on the world around us.
During these talks Aaron will discuss SMART, LADDIE and Palimpsest (website  | announcement), projects funded under the SFC Horizon (Smart Tourism) and AHRC: Big Data calls.
You can see a video from a similar talk Aaron gave in 2013 with Interface below.