St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jul 2013

Welcome to Big Data InfoVis Summer School

We are looking forward to welcoming all of the summer school participants and instructors to St Andrews this week. We have nearly 40 students and over a dozen instructors and other visitors attending this SICSA sponsored summer school on big data information visualisation.
This summer school is concerned with the processing, management and hence presentation of “big data”, in an intelligible form with information visualisation techniques and methods. In this summer school we aim to demystify the concept of big data by introducing a systematic, scientific and rigorous approach to tackling it. We take a blended theory and practice approach here, by providing both theoretical underpinnings and practical use of the infrastructure to process big-data and the means to understand it with information visualisation.
Students are getting access to industrial scale datasets, research datasets, open datasets along with the accounts on the Amazon infrastructure. Thanks to Amazon for providing us with a grant of thousands of dollars worth of credits and to brightsolid and Skyscanner for datasets.
The final team presentations are now going online.