St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jun 2012

Ubiquitous User Modeling – U2M'2012

This week Aaron has been attending a research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation on Ubiquitous User Modeling (U2M’2012) – State of the art and current challenges in Haifa Israel. Aaron’s talk at this event was entitled Eyes, Gaze, Displays: User Interface Personalisation “You Lookin’ at me?”. In this he covered work with Mike Bennett, Umar Rashid, Jakub Dostal, Miguel A. Nacenta and Per Ola Kristensson from SACHI. The talk was a good way to show the interlocking and related research going on in SACHI.
His talk included references to a number of recent papers which include:

The alternative yet related viewpoints in this work made for a stimulating presentation and fruitful views for the international audience.