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May 2011

Aaron delivers an invited seminar in Heriot-Watt

Aaron is giving a seminar at the Department of Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) on Wednesday the 18th of May 2011 at 15:15. This talk will be unlike his colloquium talk in March as it focuses on the particular challenges and research questions when dealing with a dynamic source of data (and hence information).
Title: Dynamic Information Visualisation

SNAP: Social Network Assembly Pipeline

SNAP: Social Network Assembly Pipeline and Visualisation

Societies continued reliance on information and communications technologies has resulted in organizations generating, gathering, and storing “raw data” at a rate growing each year. The ability for even a mid-sized organization to store tens to hundreds of terabytes of data is already within reach.
Massive storage technologies are rapidly outstripping our ability to effectively analyse, explore, and understand such voluminous data. While research in other fields such as data mining, machine learning and knowledge management are also attempting to aid in the analysis of such voluminous data, there is a realisation that the “human-in-the-loop” affords a visual analysis not possible through automation alone. A further challenge now often faced is that the source of the data isn’t a static snapshot of some signal but is a constant or dynamic stream of data.
As such, the area of visual analytics extends the fields of scientific and information visualisation by incorporating techniques from knowledge management, statistical analysis, cognitive science and decision science. This talk will outline how voluminous dynamic data is modelled, managed, mined and hence visually presented for
exploration. Several data and information visualisation algorithms and methods I have developed with colleagues and students over the past number of years will be described and discussed. The talk concluded with a number of challenges and open research questions we face as researchers in using visualisation in an attempt to present dynamic information (from dynamic data sources).