St Andrews HCI Research Group


Apr 2011

GPC 2011 Doctoral Colloquium

GPC 2011 Oulu

Good luck to Aaron who is travelling to Oulu in Finland next month to co-chair the Doctoral Colloquium at GPC 2011 the Grid and Pervasive Computing conference. He will spend a few days in Oulu and looks forward to attending GPC as well as seeing the work being undertaken in Ubiquitous Oulu. Ubiquitous Oulu is a prototype of a future ubiquitous city which is being built by the multidisciplinary UBI (UrBan Interactions) program, coordinated by the University of Oulu, and the City of Oulu.

The doctoral colloquium itself offers a chance for PhD students to receive high-quality feedback from external reviewers including Aaron and to directly interact with peers, to exchange ideas, discuss concepts, and establish informal cooperation between researchers and research groups.
Grid and Pervasive Computing (or Ubiquitous Computing) covers research issues and challenges in the field of computer science and engineering in areas of grid and pervasive computing. Grid computing connects computer resources from multiple domains for solving computationally complex scientific, technical or business problems in a distributed fashion. Pervasive or Ubiquitous Computing aims at creating computational devices and systems that will blend into environment to support everyday human activities via natural human computer interaction.