St Andrews HCI Research Group


Oct 2017

Gala Malbasic wins Young Software Engineer of the Year award

Gala who undertook her honours project in SACHI has been awarded the Young Software Engineer of the Year 2017 by ScotlandIS.

The award was presented at the ScotSoft Awards Dinner on Thursday October 5th, 2017. The Young Software Engineer of the Year awards are awarded to the best undergraduate software projects from students studying computer science and software engineering in Scotland.

Gala’s project followed on from our work on RadarCat with the Google Soli. Starting with the idea of low impact and discreet interaction, Gala completed a very detailed and systematic review of all existing gesture Interfaces on and around objects. Building on this she then explored the extent to which the leap would allow her to extend the keyboard into her novel project which was entitled “Leap Up: The Keyboard Renaissance”
Gala won first prize for a project using sensors to replace complex keyboard sequences with gestures, using the whole surface of a laptop or tablet in a project supervised by Professor Aaron Quigley.
Commenting on her time with SACHI, and in particular the first set of project presentations Gala said “This session is quite honestly a ‘shortcut path’ that will help you avoid problems in the future as you continue to develop your ideas. Be honest, don’t embellish, their feedback cannot be genuine if you aren’t. This is your opportunity to receive genuine feedback from experts across a spectrum of HCI fields.”
Everyone in SACHI congratulates Gala on this award and her future success.