St Andrews HCI Research Group


Jan 2014

SACHI Logo Contest – Get creative, define our image!

(Please note this competition is open to any student in the University of St Andrews)
The St Andrews Human-Computer Interaction Research group (SACHI) is one of the leading research groups in Human-Computer Interaction in Scotland and the United Kingdom. To accompany our current growth and increased impact and international recognition, we are planning to redesign the image of the group, starting with its logo.
We have decided to open the design of the logo to any students in the University of St Andrews. We are looking for a logo that:

  • Looks and feels contemporary
  • Is original, recognisable, and distinguishable from other similar institutions
  • Can be integrated in a range of media (e.g., websites and paper)


  • One submission will get a 100 pound gift voucher.
  • The author of the winning logo will be acknowledged in the group’s webpage.

Notice that:

  • The logo can have one or more forms (e.g., one with letters and one without) for flexibility of use in different contexts
  • The logo can, but does not have to, include the text “SACHI” or any subset or super-set of these letters
  • The logo can, but does not have to, be graphically connected with the activities of the group, namely: human-computer interaction, information visualization, intelligent user interfaces, input devices, interaction techniques, computer-supported collaborative work. For more inspiration from the research themes of the group, please take a look at our soon-to-be-redesigned web page ( )


  • The logo should be original, free of royalties, and not include any element owned by third-party (e.g., existing fonts, dingbats, or external logos, even if these are open source/open access/royalty free).
  • The logo should be usable for a number of graphical and non-graphical media, including web, software and paper-based media.
  • The logo should have a small version that can be recognisable that is 50 pixels in its minimum dimension (horizontal or vertical).
  • The logo should have a greyscale version that can be recognisable (note: these version does not have to be just a greyscale conversion of the full-colour logo).


  • The logo or logos will be submitted in a single pdf, in at least three sizes (small = 1cm, medium = 3cm, large 10cm), and with a version in greyscale or black and white for each of the sizes.
  • The logo or logos will include an explanation of the logo in text of at least 50 words.
  • The logo or logos can be accompanied by a preferred colour scheme.


  • The winning logo will be chosen by a jury chosen from the SACHI staff and students. Although members of SACHI are encouraged to submit their logos, they will not be able to be both submitters and judges.
  • The contest may be left with no winners (no new logo from the submissions is adopted) but, if this is the case, there will still be a 50 pound prize to the best design.
  • Submissions need to be sent by e-mail to before January 31st2014, 12:00pm GMT. Send any further queries or questions to this address.