St Andrews HCI Research Group

Angela is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Computer Science in St Andrews where she works primarily in the area of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). She has taught modules in Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Design and Information Visualisation. Her background was originally in art history and psychology, before moving into multimedia technology, and then focussing on research into collaborative work. Angela worked as a research associate at the University of York for several years, where she also completed her PhD. Her PhD focused on ‘Human Error Analysis for Collaborative Work’ and safety critical systems design. This work was completed in collaboration with NATS and included a study of collaborative work in an air traffic control room. As part of this work, Angela created the CHLOE and CHLOE2 error analysis techniques for checking the design of collaborative systems for possible human error. Angela has also worked as an IT project manager for the University of St Andrews library services, and spent three years working as a lecturer in IT Management at the University of Dundee on their Graduate Apprenticeship programme. Her main research interests are: HCI in collaborative work, social aspects of new technology, information visualisation and educational technology.