St Andrews HCI Research Group

Pireh Pirzada


Office: JH104

Pireh Pirzada is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews supervised by Dr David Harris-Birtill and Dr Gayle Helane Doherty. Her research focuses on smart homes to support the health and well-being of older adults living alone whilst providing a safe and secure environment. She is working with Beyond medics on Automated Remote Pulse oximetry system (ARPOS) to remote monitor vital signs. ARPOS uses non-contact automated remote sensing using camera-based technology to measure vital signs (heart rate, blood oxygen level and temperature) in real-time at a distance of up to 4.5m away from the person, measuring up to 6 people at once. This is also useful for other use cases such as the elderly with later stage dementia where monitoring vitals using contact-based sensors can be difficult, home, hospitals and psych wards. She is working with computer vision and machine learning techniques and is also studying the ethical implications of assistive technologies for the elderly community. Pireh's background covers a diverse range from graphic and web design, project management, research and development as a software engineer in Pakistan. She founded a start-up company focused on e-learning of children with special needs in a virtual environment. Later, she joined IDL Autonetics as CTO and worked on various Education and BI Solutions.