St Andrews HCI Research Group

Daniel Rough

Daniel Rough is a 3rd year PhD student in the SACHI research group, supervised by Prof. Aaron Quigley. Daniel’s research interests are in End-User Development and Visual Programming Languages, specifically for their use in allowing researchers to create smartphone applications.
My research is focused around the problem of enabling non-programming researchers, primarily from the fields of psychology and medicine, to create applications that utilise the ‘Experience Sampling Method (ESM)’ or ‘Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA)’. Further information on ESM can be found in this paper.

As a solution to this, I have created the Jeeves (Java End-user Environment for Experience Sampling) environment.
I am now hoping to deploy it to researchers with an interest in such applications to obtain real-world efficacy. If that sounds like you, or if you’re interested in trying out Jeeves, or just after a bit more information, please get in contact with me!