St Andrews HCI Research Group

Prospective Students

Students interested in HCI and Visualization are welcome to contact me by e-mail to explore the possibility to become my student and a SACHI member and obtain a PhD or a Master degree. Please, refer in your e-mail to one or more topics of interest. It will also help if you have ideas in mind about example projects to do in those areas and/or specific research questions of interest. All requests that are not completely off-topic (e.g., I am not interested academically in cloud-computing performance) will be answered.
As a student in the SACHI group we demand hard work, but you can also expect:

My topics of interest are:

  1. Input Technologies (multi-point interaction, object spatial manipulation, gestural interfaces, haptics, gaze-contingent displays)
  2. Output Technologies and new devices (multi-display environments, gaze-contingent displays)
  3. Visual Perception applied to HCI
  1. Spatial visual manipulation
  2. Typographyc elements of information visualization
  3. Visual Perception applied to HCI
  1. Cognitive augmentation
  2. Digital tourism
  3. Private and public interaction

If you have a strong desire to make an impact in any of these areas (or related), please contact me by e-mail at: