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Gesture-based Interface Memorability

In this project we investigated the memorability of gestures in gesture-based Natural User Interfaces. These interfaces are becoming popular now through the introduction of new sensors in game Consoles such as the Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii, and also for controlling a number of other devices, such as TVs (for example, Samsung’s SmartTVs).
We found that gestures that are designed by the users for themselves are much easier to remember, more fun, and required less effort than gestures designed for them.
IMG_2803 Aaron2lots of gestures

30 second video

Memorability of Pre-designed and User-defined Gesture Sets (2013) Miguel A. Nacenta, Yemliha Kamber, Yizhou Qiang and Per Ola Kristensson. Full paper in Proceedings of the thirty-first annual ACM SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems CHI ’13 (10 pages – to appear).

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