St Andrews HCI Research Group

Exercise 4

Now that we hope you are familiar with the Jeeves environment, and with the type of EMA studies that can be created with it, we would like you to spend 20 minutes designing and implementing your own idea from scratch.
Think about the research topic – what kind of problem would you like to solve? What kind of data would be valuable when collected ‘in the moment’ that would give more insight into this problem?
It’s likely that you’ll have ideas that can’t be implemented with the current version of Jeeves – that’s great! If you think of features you’d like included, please mention them in the feedback form that we’ll hand out at the end of the workshop.
Create a new study for implementing your idea, and when you’re done, save it as ‘Exercise 4‘.
Again, if you have any questions, please ask one of the researchers for assistance.
light bulbs sketched on chalkboard Many small ideas make a big one
After this, you’re all done! Once you’ve finished, please click the following links and complete both surveys. Thank you very much for participating.
Feedback 1:
Feedback 2: