Aug 2011

Short Talks by MSc Students

Speaker: Yemliha Kamber, , University of St Andrews
Title: Empirical Investigation of The Memorability of Gesture Sets

As technology is becoming increasing advanced and sophisticated, various input technologies and new experimental input technologies allow for large numbers of gestures types and new ways in controlling software. However very little is
known about the e ects they have and how people learn and remember the various gestures. This presentation will briefly talk about what gestures are, the related work, our experimental study and the results which we analysed.

Speaker: Asset Nurboluly, University of St Andrews
Title: Multi touch transparent input output device

In recent years multi-touch interfaces have become popular. They have been giving a new way of human interaction. Multi-touch interfaces can be used in various aspects of human lives, such as medicine, education, military, science etc. The main aim of this project is to build a transparent display device, which uses multi-touch interface. Transparent display is a future trend in a technology world, setting out first in sci-fi movies and turning into reality nowadays. Usage of such devices is significant. They can be used in cars as a windshield, where a driver can see the GPS information as well as watching what happens on the road. In everyday life we can integrate them in mirrors, so in the morning during tooth-brushing we can check out the news, weather etc.
Regarding medicine and military areas, transparent displays can be used to show real-time interactive information for soldiers and surgeons.
The Prototype has been built by using laser light plane technology for multi touch sensing. An image projected from a projector, IR camera was used to capture the touches. The built-in system is a transparent multi-touch display.