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Welcome to the website for SACHI which aims to act a focal point for human computer interaction research across the University of St Andrews and beyond.

SACHI is the St Andrews Computer Human Interaction research group (a HCI Group) based in the School of Computer Science. Members of SACHI co-supervise research students, collaborate on various projects and activities, share access to research equipment and our HCI laboratory. Established in 2011, we now have a regular seminar series, social activities, summer schools and organise workshops and conferences together. Along with the above links, you can find more news about us here and our new YouTube video channel here.

News & Events

Welcome Chris Norval


This week sees a new member of the group join SACHI.  Chris Norval is a postdoctoral researcher working with Tristan Henderson on a project to predict when social media users consent to having their data used for health research.

Chris completed his PhD in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Dundee in 2014. His thesis explored reasons why older adults were less likely to use social networking sites than younger adults. Issues (such as privacy and security concerns, a lack of skill, negative preconceptions) were identified from user studies, and recommendations for the designers of such sites were derived to mitigate or avoid these issues. These recommendations were then verified in a user study which compared a prototype replica of a mainstream social networking site to a version which utilised the recommendations.

After finishing his PhD, Chris worked as a data analysts in games industry for two year before joining SACHI.  Learn more about Chris here.

Professor Roderick Murray Smith: University of Glasgow

Event details

When: 18th November 2016 13:00 - 14:00
Where: Cole 1.33b
Speaker: Roderick Murray Smith

    Seminar placeholder.  Details to be confirmed.

    Dr Rebecca Fiebrink: Goldsmiths University of London

    Event details

    When: 1st November 2016 14:00 - 15:00
    Where: Cole 1.33b
    Speaker: Rebecca Fiebrink

      Seminar placeholder.  Details to be confirmed.